Lichen – Editor

2019, 12 min

Directed by Lisa Jackson Edit and Sound Design by Terra Jean Long Cinematography Bob Aschmann Produced by Janine Marchessault and Christian Kroiter Project Manager Jessica Mulvogue for XL Outer Worlds.

This stunning otherworldly short film takes a deep dive into lichen, a species that confounds scientists to this day. Shot in IMAX macro 3D, Lichen offers us a look at this remarkable life form and asks what we might learn from it. Ancient and diverse, both an individual and a community, lichens can live in the most extreme environments, including outer space. This meditative film bridges science and philosophy, and the words of lichenologist Trevor Goward illuminate the terrain in poetic and thought-provoking ways.

Festivals & Screenings

  • Images Film Festival - closing night (Toronto, Canada)
  • Sundance Film Festival (Utah, USA)
  • Doxa (Vancouver, Canada)
  • RIDM (Montreal, Canada)
  • imagineNATIVE (Toronto, Canada)
  • Museum of the Moving Image (NYC, US) 


"Jackson’s remarkable Lichen consisted of close-up footage of the composite organisms... the tiniest objects of inquiry here became the most cosmic and otherworldly."

Canadian Art