Notes from the

2014 | 16 min | HD | Stereo

'Notes from the Anthropocene' looks at our time through the cultural history of dinosaurs. An evolutionary tale that moves through stages of dominance, extinction and resurrection from fossils to plastic figurines of both museological and industrial value. A speculative elegy for an extinct species as witnessed by a future intelligence.

Building on posthumanist scholarship that has shown that we have never been really human, since our biological bodies are composed of numerous “alien” entities, the r-complex in the triune brain adds an “alien” temporality into the mix. Parts of us, this film tells us, may be as old as the dinosaurs; indeed, it points to the strange notion that we are made up of multiple times, from the ancient past to the deep future, just like the figure of the fossil.

Jessica Mulvogue Transformations Journal

Select Screenings

  • CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, DK
  • The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
  • AntiMatter Film Festival, Victoria, Canada
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago US
  • Labocine Films from the Science New Wave, Imagine Science Films, Online, US