Push   // Pull   // Recover

2013 | 3 min | HD | Stereo

A meditation on motion through stillness with breath. Shot in single frames on 16mm and hand painted. Made at Philip Hoffman’s Process Cinema workshop at EICTV in Cuba.


There is a large pool at the school. Every day I would swim – I thought of the pool as a container, a space that I could measure my body against. Much like the grounds of the school itself or the country defined against a body of water. Swimming can be a kind of meditative experience but there is also conflict inherent to the act of swimming, the body cutting against water, and the struggle to find rhythmic breathing.

Interview with Lili White AXW Blog


Select Screenings

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland UK
Images Film Festival Toronto, Canada
Another Experiment by Women, Anthology Film Archives, NY, US
Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago US
Bain Argentiques International Film Labs Meeting, Nantes, France
Dobra Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental, Brazil
Material Desire and Experimental Film: Color and Chemistry, Kim Knowles
Duke University, Durham, NC, US
VTape, Medi(t)ating the Temporality of the Untimely, Toronto, Ontario