The Quiet Zone – Editor

2017, 45 min

Directed & Produced by Daniel Froidevaux and Elisa Gonzalez Edited by Terra Jean Long Cinematography Daniel Froidevaux and Elisa Gonzalez Sound Recording Samuel Rogers Sound Design by Dafydd Hughes Light Painting Zachary Finkelstein

In mountainous remote West Virginia lies the National Radio Quiet Zone where digital interference from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and microwaves among other emitting technologies are restricted to protect one of the largest steerable radio telescopes on earth as it probes the sky for astronomical objects and signs of extraterrestrial life. A group of electrically sensitive people fleeing a life of chronic pain under digital proliferation take shelter in the Quiet Zone. As the telescope prepares to receive signals from the universe Melissa, Jennifer, Diane, and Leo start to imagine a home safe from a crippling threat that is invisible to most. A quiet rumination on the unseen world of radio waves and the search for proof that another way of life is possible.

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